GTC manufactures patented double glass high power modules at an annual capacity of 135 MW

GTC manufactures patented double glass high power modules at an annual capacity of 135 MW.

GTC is a licensed Research Center located in Adıyaman in Turkey with 40 engineers. We develop our own products. Our key criteria is sustainability. We strive to design modules that are safe and high performing over extended life times.

We will start to produce our own PERC mono cells at an annual 100 MW capacity by end of 2018.

We are an independent Turkish company founded in 1995 in Istanbul with strong values regarding consumer safety, environmental sustainability, cost minimization, social justice, a diversified workforce and public health.

As an independent company, GTC has always honored and preserved the rights of all its customers, suppliers, and co-workers. This policy has resulted in a steadfast and strong GTC web of long lasting and continual relationships . We care and honour long term commitments and believe in constructing a healthy exchange environment with all members of the solar industry.

Our main policy has always been to minimize risks by the development of secure products, lasting supply channels and satisfied customers. GTC is a company that values and believes in long-term sustainability. We know that, in order to realize long-term sustainability, we have to produce and keep producing the best quality and most durable products at affordable costs.


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    Quality Management

    The management system ensures that company targets are understood, observed and implemented by every single employee. For the quality evaluation we have gathered all relevant operating figures. The degree of fulfillment for the target groups and the constant observation of the fixed targets are identified and possible deviations are corrected fast and precisely.

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    Environmental Management

    One of GTC main targets is to handle the available resources diligent, conscious and advised. This helps to minimize the emitting environmental stress. We commit ourselves to produce sustainable products for the future and furthermore want to think ahead for years to satisfy our customers.

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    Safety and Health Protection

    Accidents never happen by chance. We are analyzing the circumstances, which have led to the accident and determine correction procedures.




GTC set up its solar division in July 2013. Between July 2013 and December 2016, GTC solar division worked only as an R&D center, developing ,testing and getting certification for its products. GTC’s Double Glass has been developed as a derivative of GTC’s first TÜBITAK sponsored research project where the aim was to develop a module suitable for the hot climate conditions. As a byproduct of this project, GTC has developed extensive simulation software for the determination of temperatures feasible inside working PV under variable ambient conditions.

GTC also designed its adjustable minimum weight rooftop mounting systems.

Current projects include the development of an affordable microinverter for roof PV, optimization of PV encapsulants as well as design and execution for a 21% efficiency solar cell architecture.


Our production line delivers an annual capacity of 135 MW with high automation and optimized processes to produce our patented double glass panels. Premium European suppliers, delivering high quality products, have supplied main automated machines.

The line is equipped with 1 Electroluminescence (EL) test after stringing and glass pairing and 1 EL test after lamination and Visual Control.

GTC started in 2013 with a semi-automated line at an annual capacity of 35MW. The initial line proved well to develop our products, know-how and experience. We dedicated time to complete research and development, applied for patents and submitted our products to IEC certification and then the long term IEC 6x tests in order to check their reliability and bankability. We started serial production end of 2016 after all verification of reliability and authenticity of our products has been completed.


On the top of a mountain at 2.150 m, the magnificent ruins of the tomb-sanctuary in the Mount Nemrut, nearby Adıyaman, belongs to our World heritage. It represents power, eternity, peace, diplomacy, wisdom, universalism and beauty; a link to the past which drives us to the future. The King and his Court of the gods and eagle face sunrise and sunset on the Nemrut Mountain, defining their existence by the sun. That’s why our logo has inherited the statue of the King Antiochus combined with sun waves. King Antiochus at top of Nemrut symbolizes for us the power and sustainability of the sun and human intelligence & hard work.

GTC,  as an independent investor, acted independent of all the overriding fears, opinions,  superstitions and all the divisive scenarios that prevailed and still prevail in Turkey. GTC has a business to develop, an ideal to serve, a dream to realize.  

GTC makes the technologies to use the Sun more efficiently. While the Sun is an eternal energy provider, GTC strives to become a technology provider for the Sun to serve our society and people.

So also did Antiochus, King of Commagene, during the first century B.C.