In a context of Kurdish – Turkish tensions, terrorism and violence that shaped Turkey in the 1990′s, GTC moved from the West to the South-East of Turkey in 1997, with the unfailing confidence in the humanism and pluralism of all the peoples of this country. Aware of the huge opportunities the South -East holds regarding human potential , given the massive obvious need to invest and bring services / jobs / technology / different conceptions to the troubled peoples of the region, GTC did not even blink an eye to set up shop and work and invest in Adıyaman. GTC acted independent of all the overriding fears, opinions, and superstitions of all the divisive scenarios that prevailed and still prevail in Turkey. GTC had a business to develop, an ideal to serve, a dream to realize. It had to act and it did.

So also did Antiochus, King of Commagene, during the first century B.C.

On the top of a mountain at 2.150 m, the magnificent ruins of the tomb-sanctuary in the Mount Nemrut, nearby Adıyaman, belongs to our world heritage. That’s why our logo symbolizes the statue of the King Antiochus combined with sun waves.

It represents eternity, peace, diplomacy, wisdom, universalism and beauty; a link to the past which drives us to the future. The King and his Court of the gods and eagle face sunrise and sunset on the Nemrut mountain, defining their existence by the sun.