The brand new 25MWp semi-automated line has been designed to produce glass-glass or glass-ceramic frameless modules with a wide range of cell design. Soldering settings can be quickly modified to customize for different technologies and projects- 6″ or 5″ cells, mono or poly, 3 bb or 2bb, interconnected; strings designs with custom spacing between the cells; half cells; bifacial cells. Lamination settings can be customized for bubble free modules of various glass and ceramic thicknesses from 2 mm to 6mm, max dimensions 2×3 mts. All the parts used in our own module design are chosen with maximum performance and long life time priority. Mono -Si PERC cells of higher then 20.10% efficiency and high optical and material performance encapsulants with low thermal coefficients and more durability versus heat and humidity, tempered glass for both front and back are our starting standards. Not only do we continuously research new parts and trims to optimize the module design but also we place utmost care in our production for the long term reliability of our products.  Peeling and gel content tests are routinely done and electro-luminescence tests before stringing and also both before and after lamination are performed to ensure long lifetimes. Our products are free of defected cells or micro cracks.