Our company, located in Adıyaman in Turkey, is a photovoltaic module producer.
GTC is an independent Turkish company founded in 1995 in Istanbul with strong values regarding consumer safety, environmental sustainability, cost minimization, human rights and public health.
GTC invested all the economic, trade, managerial and industrial gains it has acquired during the last 15 years of working in Southeastern Turkey, into a photovoltaic module production factory in Adıyaman. The 25MW current factory is a testament to the allegiance and faith GTC holds towards the region and a testament to the trustability and honesty of GTC in a context where most of the big holders of money in the region have invested and continue to invest outside of the region with the capital that came from the region.
As a micro and independent company, GTC has always honored and preserved the rights of all its customers, suppliers, and co-workers. This policy has resulted in a steadfast and strong GTC web of long lasting and continual relationships with customers, suppliers and co-workers. GTC as a company has never had the policy to maximize short term profits. Its main policy has always been to minimize risks by the development of secure products, lasting supply channels and satisfied customers. GTC is a company that values and believes in long term sustainability. GTC knows that , in order to realize long term sustainability, it has to produce and keep producing the best quality and most durable products at affordable costs.