GTC is well aware of  :

  • The shortcomings of the current PV technology,
  • The absence of data on PV performance in the Turkish climate,
  • The drop in comparative power in high temperature areas such as the Southern and South-Eastern Turkey and countries
further south.

The company goal is to produce high power and fire-safe modules that:

  • Maximize the utility out of area used,
  • Not significantly change from their quoted power across temperatures,
  • Preserve their performance and structural integrity across time and different weather conditions.

It is this goal that drives GTC to endeavor and seek the solutions to these challenges rather than to execute strategies
that would maximize its short term business profits.

It is this goal that motivates GTC to work as a real team, unified in mind and spirit to desegregate, assimilate and experiment
all aspects of production in every and each detail.

Two main product designs are currently under development:

  1. Ultra-slim, frameless, light and extreme conditions resistant glass/glass modules encapsulating high efficiency monocrystalline PERC cells with average 20.20% efficiency, within thin ultra clear low iron 2mm ARC glasses and various alternatives of advanced encapsulants. This design:
  • increases the kWh/kW/m² installed,
increases yield across high temperatures,
  • reduces installation costs,
improves mechanical and electrical reliabilities to insure longer life time and safety of PV systems,
  • presents a powerful and aesthetical approach for rooftops and BIPV projects.

2. Ultra-slim innovative, frameless, ultra safe glass/ceramic modules of above parts that do all above. Plus, this design:

  • performs better at high temperatures,
boasts higher power,
  • requires no grounding,
produces beautiful facades inside and out.

GTC is technically structured to be flexible and multi-dimensional. We are custom tailors and engineers of modules, be they our own design, or any special need for any specific project, OEM or BIPV. Please feel free to reach to us. We would be happy to accommodate your own designs or requirements as with same care and efficiency as our own.