I’d put my money on the sun & solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that. I wish I had more years left.

—Thomas Edison

It is clear. Turkey has a huge potential with abundant free sun radiation over the year exceeding 1.500 kWh/m²-year, a sunning time of 2.640 hours per year and a cumulated 380 billion kWh solar capacity.

There is a registered 6.3% per year electrical consumption increase in Turkey due to economical development and population growth.
25% of Turkish electrical source already comes from renewable energies. However it is mainly based on hydro, which is already causing rain & water shortage and political tensions with the neighbors.

There is 230TWh electricity consumption in Turkey in 2012 including 4.5TWh electricity import in Turkey, which represents approximately $60 billion.

In 2014, Turkey’s electricity imports have risen due to lower than expected rains in winter and spring, and as a result hydropower plants did not meet their goal of providing a quarter of Turkey’s electricity.

Turkey’s 63 percent of electricity production in January 2014 came mainly from imported sources such as natural gas and coal – “energy of the dead” generating lots of carbon monoxide production. On top of this, Turkey had to import 604.9 million kWh of electricity in the same month.

Turkey’s current account deficit is 100% due to energy imports. There exists a new initiative to build up to 20 nuclear plants until 2030. However disposal and costs involved in the disposal of radioactive waste are big unanswered questions. Turkey must find a way out, a way to free itself of dependence on others for its energy. To us at GTC the answer is clear. Sun and the wind are currently the only endless, sustainable and freely reachable forms of energy we have.