GTC concentrates on high efficiency, high durability, high safety solutions to make your investment bankable and reliable for decades.

6X is an extended reliability test operated by accredited laboratories following IEC standards for module certification. The basic IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certification for module producers are 1X, e.g. 1000 hours of Damp-Heat test at 80˚C / 80% RH which simulates about 5 years of “outdoor” conditions.

Some producers extend reliability tests to 3X, so 3 times longer than IEC standards. Most of the producers fail at this step because the design of their modules is mainly qualified according to the cost of the raw material. We understand the pressure of finance and we optimize our cost roadmap accordingly. However, product extended reliability is priority number one. GTC passed successfully 6X stress test, simulating 30 years of “outdoor conditions”, with limited moisture penetration and low energy degradation (< 16%).

Our 6x performance panels pose lowest electricity costs for power plants.

Compared to standard framed backsheet modules, our latest module design double glass bifacial allows :

  • 6x more on reliability

  • 10% less on land area

  • 10% less on mounting system

  • 3x better on low light performance

  • 2% better on hot weather performance loss

  • 5% better yield observed and reported by outdoor tests during a period of one year

  • 16% max power degradation in 30 years

  • AA fire safe

  • At least 6 percent more electricity generation in the first year of installation

  • Salt water resistance according to the 6th degree severity level

  • No PID

  • Mechanical strength on wind of 135 km per hour

  • It is extremely easy to maintain.

  • Much less contamination than framed panels

  • Super light construction

  • No reflection

  • The highest electricity generation in the market in M2.

We do not only make modules for PV ground mount plants.

We aim to integrate safe modules for rooftops, car parks, building facades, dumpsters, dams, boats, sidewalks, and transportable applications.

Our modules are fire safe, humidity safe, crack safe, corrosion safe.

Our 6x IEC tested panels can last over 30 years with a minimum loss of performance. Once you can extend your solar plant’s lifetime to 30 years and over, you are categorically producing world’s cheapest electricity.