GTC is a transparent organization that recruits and employs people without any DISCRIMINATION based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, religious sect, race and ethnic origin.

Corporate Mission

GTC’s mission is to research, develop, design and manufacture products and systems capable of generating the most environmental friendly and affordable electricity from solar energy.

GTC set its new objective in 2013. It is committed to become an advanced technology company in the field of solar energy. Accordingly, we have extended our founding principles:

  • High level of quality awareness

  • High level of quality awareness

  • Sustainable R&D

  • Team spirit

  • Extensive team training

  • Development of a common mind

  • Self-criticism

  • Self-criticism

  • Self-confidence

Female & Male Profile

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GTC is an organization that trains each employee in the production and R&D departments attaching great importance to the improvements of its employees during employment at the company. All the operations carried out by GTC are based on the respective decisions made by the executive committee. 8/9 of the executive committee members are the executives who have been trained within the organization of GTC.

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