• Turnkey

  • Electricity Generation Guaranteed

  • Highest level of electricity generation per m2

  • Fire Protection

  • Performance Guaranteed 84% in 30 Years

  • Least maintenance

  • Least maintenance

  • Least electricity cost


We reflect the professionalism and experience we have gained from the installations of land and roof type, portable frames, glass-glass solar panels on the other types of power plants. Further, we provide assistance to our stakeholders who prefer our solar panels for their projects in respect of design and application.

Our professional project team carries out the simulation and design works for the power plants to be installed, and our installation team performs the installation of the glass-glass solar panels in accordance with the applicable installation manuals and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) rules.

Our installation team receives training on the basic OHS, working at height, first-aid etc., reviews all the pertinent risks and wars all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before the commencement of the installation.

We offer all the technical services as may be required to successfully proceed with the project from the pre-project phase to the commissioning of the power plant.

GTC increases the value of the investment by means of using the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

  • 7% plus electricity generation on ground at minimum

  • 10% plus electricity generation at minimum in case of a breaker installed on ground

  • High efficiency generation even during a storm

  • 10% plus electricity generation at minimum

Tracker Solar Energy Applications on Land

Our bifacial solar panels operate with the least yield loss when they are installed on mobile systems (trackers), which is one of the best methods to make the best of the sunlight and maintain the continuity thereof. It is possible to generate electricity from the sun 10% more during the day by means of using bifacial, glass-glass solar panels installed on trackers.

  • Ultralight construction

  • Resistance to wind load of 155 km/h according to the SAP 2000 report.

  • 5% plus electricity generation per m2 at minimum compared to standard solar panels.

  • Solar panels with Class AA fire protection fire shields.

BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics)

The glass-glass solar panels from GTC are designed and manufactured with glasses of thicknesses from 1.6mm to 12mm specially for your building and, turn the facade of your building into a solar power plant.

  • Class B1 fire protection

  • Class B1 fire protection

  • Elegant look for your building

  • Sound and heat insulation

  • Zero energy, environmentally friendly buildings

It is possible to use our double-glass modules as integrated with the building within in a smart building concept (such as lower carbon emission and zero electricity cost).

GTC makes it possible to mount the system as a roof through special glass-glass panel designs. This makes it unnecessary to use construction equipment, roof tiles and other roof systems on the roof.

Shell Florya Station

Shell Küçüksu Station

Floating Solar Energy Applications

First domestic and national floating solar panels

  • Panels with a local content rate of more than 50%
  • Floaters with a local content rate of more than 50%
  • Local panel technology
  • Local floater technology

  • Not prevent the sunlight from reaching the sea

  • Bifacial electricity generation through the sunlight reflected on the water

  • 7% plus electricity generation per m2 at minimum compared to HDPE standard systems.

  • Resistant to waves, wind and punctures

  • Moisture resistant, double-glass solar panels with 6 times more endurance

  • Salt mist corrosion endurance at the 6th level of severity

  • We contribute to the sustainability of the ecosystem, the maximum system lifecycle and cheapest electricity through non-combustible, non-flammable solar panels.


Milas-Bodrum Airport

  • An elegant look with specially designed, double-glass solar panels

  • Watertightness

  • Highest level of electricity generation per m2

  • Charging station for vehicles

  • Protects vehicle from the rain and sun

  • Environmentally friendly carparks

Solar Panels on House Roofs



  • Light and thin glassed solar panels

  • Roof-tile shaped solar panels

  • High performance solar panels with micro-inverters

  • Class AA fire protection

  • Maintenance-free solar energy systems as durable as your building.


  • Special, light and thin glassed solar panels

  • Sunlight as much as you need

  • Greenhouses with lower carbon emissions thanks to specially designed solar panels usable as greenhouse glasses


Erzurum Solar SPP – Erzurum
Project Type: Fields

SEM 1 , SEM 3 , SEM 4 , SEM 6 SPP – Manisa
Project Type: Fields

Kahta SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Fields

Fethiye Enerji SPP – Fethiye / Muğla
Project Type: Fields

Alkoçlar SPP – Şanlıurfa
Project Type: Roof

Çelenkler İnşaat SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Roof

GTC Güneş SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Roof

GTC Güneş SPP II – Adıyaman
Project Type: Çatı

Project Type: Arazi

A Enerji, H Enerji SPP – Van
Project Type: Fields

Tiryaki SPP – Samsun
Project Type: Roof

Yüzer SPP – İstanbul

Enerji Arazi Projesi – Fethiye,

İSKİ SPP – İstanbul (İBB)
Project Type: Fields
Battal Gazi Treatment Plant
Büyükçekmece Treatment Plant
Esenyalı Treatment Plant
Eşref Bitlis Treatment Plant
Ferhat Paşa Treatment Plant
Kağıthane Treatment Plant
Kartal Treatment Plant

KİPTAŞ SPP – İstanbul
Project Type: Roof

DBE Enerji SPP – Tatvan / BİTLİS
Project Type: Fields

Shell Filling Facilty – Kocaeli / Derince
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Şahin Halıgür SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Fields

SANKO Havlu GES – Gaziantep
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

SANKO Asko GES – Gaziantep
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Super Holding-Arapkir GES-Malatya
Project Type: Bifacial Land

Hastoprak GES – Adıyaman
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Yılteks GES – Çorlu
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Eczacıbaşı Vitra GES – Bilecik
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

TOYOTA GES – Sakarya
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

TAV Muğla Airport SPP
Project Type: bifacial CarPark

Fırat Entegre SPP – Malatya
Project Type: bifacial Roof

Tasarruf Enerji – Elazığ
Project Type: bifacial Fields

Gübretaş Depo SPP – İskenderun
Project Type: bifacial Roof

Tekyılmaz SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

TAGRA SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

DBE-Derbent SPP – Konya
Project Type: Bifacial Tracker

Minstry of Energy – Ankara
Project Type: Bifacial BIPV / CarPark

İstinye Park SPP – İzmir
Project Type: BIPV

Demka Moda SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Çelenkler İnşaat-2 SPP – Adıyaman
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Topal Land Project – Şanlıurfa

Roof Project – Çeşme

GTC Balcony Project – İstanbul

Shell Canopy – İstanbul / Kocaeli
Project Type: Bifacial Canopy

Escom Power GES – Niğde
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

YENSİS GES – Çanakkale
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Escom Power GES – Niğde
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Aracıkan Mobilya GES – Bursa
Project Type: Bifacial Roof

Kardem Tekstil GES – Edirne
Project Type: Bifacial Roof