GTC has focused on solutions intended to deliver high efficiency, long term reliability and enhanced security so that could be reliable and financially profitable for many years.

Smart Power Plants

As a technology company, the priority of GTC is to design and install “Optimal Power Plants”.

Compared to those made from standard (backsheet) solar panels, these “Optimal Power Plants”:

Generate more electricity by at least 5% in the same area.
Operate at a higher performance by at least 5% in the same area.
Offer a lifecycle for a further period of at least 5 years.
Cause a yield loss lesser by 30% per year.
Require less maintenance.
Deliver more safety with a higher Class AA fire protection degree.
They operate at the least level of LCOE both during the first year and 30th year of operation.

6X contains extended endurance tests applied by the accredited laboratories pursuant to the pertinent standards for IEC module certification. This determines how a solar panel’s power reduces over the years.

For the module manufacturers, the requirements set forth under the basic standards IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 would apply for an age-temperature test for 1000 hours (DH1000), a 200-cycle thermal cycle test (TC200) and a 10-cycle moisture-freeze test (HF10) as 1X at 80˚C and a relative humidity of 80%. These are the certification tests, but do not show the panel aging process.

The 6X tests are a version extended by 6 times more than the certification tests and, the following tests are applied: an age-temperature test for 6000 hours (DH6000), a 200-cycle thermal cycle test (TC1200), and a 60-cycle moisture-freeze test (HF60).

The standard frame modules fails to pass the aging process tests for more than 3X and, the most of them do not undergo even an 2X test. The tests for 3000 hours outdoor as they claim are not the aging process tests. Nevertheless, they are sold with a 25-year performance guarantee.

According to our 6X aging process test results, our performance guarantee is a capacity of 84% in 30 years. Offering a power reduction guarantee of not more than 16% for 30 years, our products deliver the lowest level of electricity cost in the world.

Our solar panels have also passed the salt mist endurance test at the 6th level of severity.



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