GTC applies the following systems: ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and, ISO 45001 OHS Management System. These ISO management systems are applied in coordination with the GTC Quality Principles, which we call is the Integrated Policy. The senior management of GTC has defined and documents the Integrated Policy. This policy includes the commitment of the organization to meet the customer requirements, offer product quality optimization and deliver continuous improvement. The following principles are in compliance with the organization’s objectives and support the strategic aspects thereof:

  • Products that offer the highest possible efficiency, quality and endurance a the solar power industry
  • Superior quality based on engineer supervised inspections during the production process
  • Qualified and quality services inspected as per OHSE principles during the installation process
  • Uninterrupted and sustainable R&D efforts, for which 6% of the revenues are allocated every year
  • Quality protocols that are continuously updated based on the R&D outputs
  • Environmentally products for a truly green environment
  • Environmentally production processes for a truly green environment
  • Waste system management through which wastes are sorted and recycled
  • Equitable employment with no discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, religious sect, race and native language
  • Positive discrimination for women

ISO 9001 Quality System

Our management system guarantees that our company’s objective are well understood, truly observed and strictly respected by each employee. All the business related data are collected to carry out a quality assessment. The target groups and the fixed observance realization degrees of the attained targets are defined.

ISO 14001 Environment Management

One of the main objectives of GTC is that we feel required to use the sources at hand consciously, carefully and responsibly. This makes it possible to reduce the environmental stress. We are committed to sustainable production, attach importance to ecosystem and, create awareness in this respect within our organization.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety

For the purpose of keeping the health of our employees at the highest level and avoiding occupational accidents, we analyze all the risk factors with zero tolerance, and accordingly identify our main procedures and take corrective actions in case of mistakes.